Al Gihaz Holding is a diversified Saudi Arabian company of more than 40 successful years of providing integrated solutions for conventional energy, renewable energy, communications infrastructure, security services, and entertainment projects. This is applied through investing in internal expertise as well as partnering with experts of their own fields.

Al Gihaz is expanding into new industries to capitalize on the growth opportunities offered within the Kingdom and offshore.

Al Gihaz was founded by Saeed Ali Al-Angari in 1975, it has grown since then from a small contracting firm to a multi-million dollar group of companies. Based on passion, hard work, and strong relationships, the group is poised towards pursuing its success for generations to come.


Contributing to the fulfilment of economic and social visions of Saudi Arabia across multiple sectors through the results of our work in the form of outputs as well as methodology.


Seizing opportunities and seeking diversification through building trusted partnerships that boost our mutual strengths.

We aim to establish trusted partnerships among a vast range of business sectors in order to boost our mutual strengths, to capitalize on new opportunities in the Kingdom and abroad.


Transparency, we only communicate objectively and openly .

Self-Discipline, we honour our commitments and maintain the highest code of conduct.

Solution-Oriented, our achievements define our value.

Team Spirit, we believe that we can achieve more together through collaboration.


“When I founded Al Gihaz in 1975, we seized many opportunities in power and construction because of a growing Saudi Arabia. Today, new business areas have been identified and introduced, particularly in automation, information, and communication technologies. So once again, Al Gihaz has an advantageous position during another stage of growth for the Kingdom. We are riding the wave of development and technology with strength while preserving our cultural heritage and values.”


 Saeed Al Angari, Founder and President


“Rooted in our past, bolstered by our reputation and strengthened by our experience, Al Gihaz will continue to build lasting and fruitful partnerships across multiple growth sectors in order to bring a better future to our people, our country and our customers.”


Eng. Sami Al Angari, CEO and Vice President